You can take home the Brazilian combat dance with the brand-new capoeira online course for children and teenagers...

Dear parents,

There are three possibilities why you have encountered the contents of this webpage:

1. Your child is full of energy and does not know where to employ it. It just does not feel challenged enough.

2. Your child has problems with getting started and is sitting in front of the TV or the games console a lot. It is unmotivated and bored. Eventually your child is shy and finds it difficult to open up.

3. Your child has not found the right sport for him or her yet, nothing what he or she is enthusiastic about and what makes his or her cheeks and eyes glow. There are loads of dormant potentials still waiting to be recognized.

….or you are just curios and in search of something new. With all these reasons you are absolutely right here!

The balance in everyday life is not easy to be found. Maybe you have already tried out a lot of things, but your child often lost the motivation after a short period of time. Maybe it is due to a lack of opportunity in your area or a lack of time or a lack of money for trying out a lot of further sports. What is the key to more movement, self-confidence and the feeling of exhaustion after a challenging training for your child? What does satisfy the needs of your child and is able to arouse enthusiasm?

Give your child this enthusiasm, make his or her cheeks and eyes glow.

hildren, who are full of energy, can burn off their energy with capoeira and go to their limits. Media is appropriately used with this course. Capoeira is modern, capoeira is DIFFERENT and capoeira is therefore able to arouse the enthusiasm and curiosity of the child. Shy children can gain more self-confidence and learn how to get out of their shell. Capoeira gathers so many different aspects, which offer everybody the possibility to use his or her potentials.

  • make the start of an actual training on-site easier
  • gradual approaches for little, eventually a bit shy children
  • effective and easy instruction due to structured video training
  • appropriate use of modern media
  • learn from professionally trained instructors with long-time experience
  • improve the body control, flexibility, speed and a lot of other competences even for other sports (e.g. soccer)
  • train when and where you want
  • set new goals and gain motivation
  • impress the social surrounding with the newly learned movements
  • fun and motivation due to the permanent progress
  • make new friends
  • learn a sport that combines music, acrobatics, self-defence and culture
  • live capoeira at its intensity

Why Capoeira?

Capoeira combines dance, combat, acrobatics, music and culture. There is hardly any sport that is so diverse and already suitable for small children and even suitable for EVERYONE. Children have fun carrying out the movements and love the music and the instruments. They are proud of their acrobatic performances and bravely surpass themselves.

We want to bring capoeira with all its VALUE to your homes!

Capoeira is a sport for everybody, no matter where, how old or in which physical condition he or she is – it is possible for everyone to develop his or her potentials and find a way of expression with the body.

Why buy DVDs when you can learn online?!

Capoeira is not only traditional and a world heritage, it is also very modern and due to its exceptional nature it keeps pace with the time.Therefore, for us it was a logical consequence to use this way to learn by means of media in order to develop a perfectly structured online course for you, which makes learning easy.

Your child can start with the capoeira course straight away! No matter on what day of the week and no matter at what time of the day – THIS exactly would be the main benefit of the only course. Maybe you also want to train together and use the precious time with the family in a different way sometimes! A lot of different things are awaiting you…

Over 50 video lessons in three languages include:

  • guides lessons
  • warming-up program
  • Capoeira Kicks and Defense
  • Capoeira Basic Skills
  • acrobatic exercises
  • rhythm
  • instruments
  • bonus material
  • and a lot more...

This is what our course participants say about the course:

I have two girls at the age of four and seven years. They are typical girls, which means that they love pink and rose. A close friend told me about the course and I was not quite sure if it is the right thing for my daughters, who love all the girly things. I was wrong. They love it and this is not the only thing: the whole family has a lot of fun. The capoeira online course turned out to be the new family hit. Even my husband, who is more into extreme sports, tried it out. It is a lot of fun for me too…ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDABLE!

Caroline Gapp

My six-year-old daughter and I have been in search of a suitable sport for a long time. Because she is very shy, it was hard to find something suitable. The online capoeira course is a possibility for her to train at home and come over her shyness in preparation for an actual training on-site.

Zohra Hodzic 

My two children (6 and 10 years) are inspired by the Capoeira online course! I had to push everything to the side in the living room since now handstand, cartwheels, attack and defense techniques are trained. The songs also sound loudly through the rooms ...

Carolin Ilg 
Ergo therapist

Online capoeira course for children and teenagers

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